An examination grievance redressal committee has been established to address issues of the students connected to the examinations. This Grievance Redressal Committee’s primary responsibilities are to:

  • act as a liaison between the students and the University for the smooth conduct of the examination
  • receive student complaints and difficulties pertaining to both University and sessional examination
  • analyze the complaints of the students
  • meet with the relevant officers to make a fair conclusion; and
  • notify the grievant of the decision.

Objectives of the committee

The Grievance Committee’s goal is to foster an attitude of responsiveness and accountability among all parties involved in order to preserve a peaceful learning environment while achieving the following goals.

  • Provide a fair, uniform system for handling the many concerns that students have about University and sessional exams and their outcomes
  • Act as a liaison between the students and the University for the timely conduct of the examination
  • Allow the students to freely voice their complaints and issues without worrying about becoming victims.
  • Ensure that the complaints are settled quickly, impartially, and in total secrecy
  • Ensure that the redressal is completed on time


  1. Sheri Kurian (Principal & Chairman)
  2. Varghese Johnson (HOD)
  3. Jerin James (Exam Co-ordinator)
  4. Sujith Mathew George
  5. Jyothi Joseph
  6. Aby Emmanuel Lopus



In order to guarantee fairness and transparency in the resolution of complaints or issues related to University and sessional exams, the examination grievance procedure followed is given below-

  • In case of an examination-related problem or grievance is identified, students should download the examination grievance redressal form from the college website. The form along with examination grievance letter should be submitted to the Hod within three days of the exam either in person or online.


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