Transforming Hospitality with Tech: Enhancing Operations, Sustainability & Guest Experiences

The hospitality industry is undergoing a profound transformation driven by advancements in technology. From streamlining operations to enhancing sustainability and guest experiences, the integration of technology has become indispensable. In light of this paradigm shift, we propose an international conference to explore the transformation of hospitality with tech human collaboration and their impact on enhancing operations, sustainability, and guest experiences.

Event Date: 6th&7th September 2024 
Venue: SJIHMCT Palai


The objective of this conference is to provide a platform for industry professionals, researchers, academicians, and practitioners to exchange insights, share best practices, and discuss the latest innovations in leveraging technology and its collaboration with humans to transform various aspects of the hospitality industry. The outcomes of deliberations, debates and discussions on each topic and subtopic will be highlighted in the form of conference proceedings for the reference of stakeholders.

Conference Format


The conference will feature keynote presentations, panel discussions, research paper presentations and networking opportunities. It will provide a platform for participants to learn from industry experts, share their experiences, and collaborate on innovative solutions to common challenges faced in the hospitality industry. The abstracts of all selected papers will be published in book with ISSN No.

Target Audience

The conference targets professionals from the industry, as well as students and faculty from Hospitality & Tourism, Computer Science, IT, Management, Commerce, and other fields. It also welcomes research scholars from all disciplines, product manufacturers, service providers, and freelancers.

 The conference will focus on the central theme of “Transforming Hospitality with Tech: Enhancing Operations, Sustainability, & Guest Experiences” with the following sub themes on which deliberations and presentations will take place. We invite the delegates to do paper presentations on any of the following sub themes mentioned below:

1.Importance of Al in the Hospitality & Tourism Industry

1.1. Automation and Robotics in Hospitality Operations especially in the core departments

1.2.Emerging trends in the tech based Tourism

1.3.Data-Driven Decision-Making in Operations 

2.Sustainability Initiatives

2.1.Green Technologies for Sustainable Hospitality & Tourism Practices

2.2.Waste Reduction and Recycling Strategies

2.3.Use of tech assisted Eco-friendly practices in hospitality & Tourism.


3.Enhancing Guest Experiences

3.1. Personalization through Data Analytics and All in Room Technology Trends 

3.2. Augmented Reality and Virtual Experiences

3.3. Digital guest experiences


4.Digital Marketing and Distribution in the Hospitality Tourism Sector

4.1. Social Media Strategies for Guest Engagement

4.2. Online Distribution Channels and Direct Booking Platforms

4.3. Reputation Management in the Digital Age

4.4. Artificial Intelligence in Marketing

5.Smart Infrastructure Integration

5.1. Internet of Things (IoT) Applications for Smart Hotels and Resorts

6.Role of Hospitality H R & Learning Departments in

6.1. Employee Technology Readiness

6.2. Employee Technology Acceptance

6.3. Employee E-Learning

Guidelines for Abstract Submission

Abstract of not more than 500 words should be submitted as an attachment in a word file. Abstracts will be peer reviewed by our research committee. The following information in the given format should be sent along with the abstract.

       1.Name of the author and co-authors if any


       3.Institution details

       4.Address and Email ID

Abstract should include Introduction, Methodology, Findings, Conclusion References and Keywords.

Last date for the submission of the abstract will be on 14th July 2024.

Guidelines for Full Paper Submission

Full paper of the selected ones needs to be submitted on or before 14th Aug 2024.

The full paper must be accompanied by a Cover Letter which shall include the following details.

         1. Full name(s) of the Authors Co authors


         3.Professional/ Educational Details

         4.Email address(s)

         5.Contact number

Title of the Research Paper

Article should be in Times New Roman 11-point font and double spaced. Main Title should be in full capitals, bold and cantered 14 point font, Sub titles should be in sentence case, bold and 12 point font, Author’s names should be in small capitals and cantered 10 point font Footnotes should be in Times New Roman 10 point font.

All the contributions should be the original work of the contributors and should not have been submitted for consideration in any other Publication.

Maximum plagiarism up to 10% is allowed Follow APA Style of referencing.

The paper should be typed in MS WORD format.

The paper must be in single column layout with margins justified on both sides;

The full paper should be in Times New Roman 12-point font and needs to be emailed to


The “Transforming Hospitality with Tech: Enhancing Operations, Sustainability, & Guest Experiences” conference aims to inspire collaboration, foster innovation, and drive positive change in the hospitality industry. We invite stakeholders from around the globe to join us in this endeavour to shape the future of hospitality through the integration of technology. Thank you for considering our proposal. We look forward to your participation and contribution to this transformative event.



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