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Our library

Library at a Glance

The SJIHMCT library offers an extensive range of resources and services to support teaching and learning. The fully computerized library is well equipped with modern facilities and resources in the form of books, printed and electronic journals, CD ROMs, online databases, etc. Internet facilities are available to the students and staff.

The library offers Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC), a computerized catalogue service. Our library services are with the library software package called eLiveCampus

The SJIHMCT has a fully automated library facility for students and faculties.

Library Service

Digital Library

A long leap in the horizon of knowledge, the SJIHMCT’s library, the first of its kind among the colleges affiliated to the M G University, is in the process of digitalization of its resources. The digital library facilitates easy access to the electronic books and journals downloaded from the open access archives and other sources made available through internet.

Library Resources

The library currently houses thousands of volumes of text, covering related fields of studies, with new titles being added regularly. In addition there are many national and international journals, newspapers and magazines to cater to the reading needs and research requirements of the college community. Numerous resources, CD collections and online journals are also available


Web OPAC is a search engine for finding any catalogue related information of our library collections. The Web OPAC has features such as search of books, non-book materials and periodicals, quick glance of the new arrivals. The search options include a simple search of material by title/author/accession number/publisher/key word with various combinations of Boolean operations such as AND or NOT. It includes auto suggestion in the search queries, quick pop up preview of search results, reservation details, loan details and booking details. Library users can view the status of their loans and fines.

General Library Rules

  • The working time of the library is from 9 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. on all working days except Saturdays. On Saturdays the library functions from 9 a.m. to 3.30 p.m.
  • All SJIHMCT staff and students are eligible to use the library for which they have to take membership which will be given on submission of formal application and payment of membership fee and a recent passport size photograph. Others can make use of the library only with permission of the Principal.
  • Members with smart cards will be permitted to enter the library.
  • Membership cards are not transferable. Students who wish to borrow books should produce their own smart cards. Each member can borrow two books at a time but they should not be copies of the same title.
  • The books borrowed should be returned within 14 days. Failure to return book on time will incur a daily fine of Rs. 2/- However, if a member requires the book after the due date it can be renewed for another 14 days, but cannot be renewed over the phone. If a book/ document is not returned within 14 days after the due date twice the value (current cost) of the document will be recovered from the borrower. Members should exercise utmost care in handling books/documents; They should not be damaged or mutilated. Before leaving the counter, the borrowers should satisfy themselves that the books taken by them do not have any damage or mutilation. Damage, if any, detected should be brought to the notice of the librarian who will make necessary entries in the register to that effect. Members should not replace the books/documents after use; they should be left on the table.
  • Photocopies of materials held in the library will be provided subject to copyright laws and regulations. No mechanical reproduction or tracing of materials shall be made without the express permission of the Librarian.
  • Only white papers and writing pads are allowed inside the library. Personal belongings should be left at the property counter.
  • All members should maintain absolute silence in and around the library.
  • The library and its premises should be kept absolutely clean and dry.
  • Dislocation and rough handling of books will be a serious offence.
  • Chairs, after use, should be kept in their proper places.
  • All books/documents borrowed from the library should be returned and “no dues certificate” obtained when a member proceeds on long leave/discontinuation of course.
  • Students can suggest good books and other documents for the library, with full details, to the librarian who will discuss the matter with the principal for necessary action.