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The Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) system is a logical, scientific approach to control food safety hazards in food production. HACCP is a preventive system assuring the safe production of food products. The HACCP system can be applied to food manufacturing, shipping, distribution, food service, catering, hotel industry including home preparation as well. The ideal application of HACCP system would include all processes from farm to fork

HACCP system covers a sequence of 5 preliminary steps & 7 principles. The highlights of these initial steps and main principles are as follows. This certificate program is very much essential for a Hotel school student as such these standards are followed globally and in every star hotel kitchens.

It is highly recommended for the following people

  • Food handlers including food production staff & supervisors
  • Food production, logistics, distribution, trading, service sectors
  • Food & beverage owners, managers, food safety team members
  • Food safety and quality professionals, food science graduates
  • Professionals who need HACCP certification for working in food industry
  • Enthusiasts who want to make career in food sector
  • Anyone interested in HACCP System & wants sound knowledge about it