The SJIHMCT believes in holistic development of its students; extra-curricular activities are included in the curriculum such as, Sports day, Art’s day & Food Festivals. Apart from these various clubs are functional in the college aimed at improving the skill level of the students in various departments. Seminars/ workshops & competitions are conducted by the clubs in their respective areas. Teamwork is an integral part for success; but even with team work a cutting edge can be achieved only through competition. To make this possible we have grouped the students into four houses, named after international hotels: Hilton, Hyatt, Marriott & Shangri-La.

‘Le Sommelier’ Club

Le Sommelier Club is the wine club of SJIHMCT that focuses on the study of variety of alcoholic beverages around the globe with special emphasis on Old world and New world wines. Le Sommelier Club with the tagline ‘vita vinum est’ focuses on empowering the aspiring F&B professionals. The club organizes various events and competitions fortnightly which enable the club members to acquire a sound knowledge in the field of F&B and boosts positive characteristic traits such as self-esteem, confidence, team spirit, discipline etc. ‘The Tastevin’ is the monthly
newsletter of the club

Objectives of the club


A quiz on the ‘Basics of Food and Beverage Service’  was organized by the Le Sommelier Club on 18th  of March 2023 at 1.45 pm. All the participants were from 2022 batch and the quiz comprised of 3 rounds. Five teams participated for the event and the winners were KEVIN SCHLUMPP & HARIGOVIND got Ist place. II position was secured by the team of SHERIN THOMAS & SHIBIN SAJI. ALAN ABRAHAM JOHNSON of VIII semester was the quiz master. Congratulations to the winners & Participants.

An online session on the topic, ‘Malbec-the red grape’ was organized by the Le Sommelier Club of SJIHMCT on 27th of April 2023.

It’s indeed a matter of pride for all of us as our students, Ameer K.S, Alan Abraham Johnson and Alen Charly secured I prize, ll prize and III prize respectively for aking competition organised by Holy Cross Institute of Management and Technology, Calicut on 17th of February 2023.

‘Paryavarana’ Club

The Paryavarana Club is the sustainability club of SJIHMCT that inculcates various sustainability practices among the members of SJIHMCT. Environmental sustainability is the focus of the club. The activities include: help and maintain the flower gardens of the institute, set up an herb garden in the campus.

To develop SJIHMCT into a socially sustainable campus.

To conduct and practice various activities thereby creating awareness about sustainability among the members of SJIHMCT family.



On July 14, 2023, The Paryavarana Club, the sustainability club of SJIHMCT, conducted a program dedicated to bidding farewell to plastic pen holders and embracing sustainable alternatives. Through this initiative, they aimed to raise awareness about the detrimental impact of plastic pollution and inspire individuals to adopt eco-friendly practices in their daily lives. The program included engaging activities and valuable resources to empower the community towards a greener future.

On account of World Ocean Day 2023, the Paryavarana Club of SJIHMCT is organizing a webinar and an online quiz competition on the 8th of June 2023 to create awareness about ocean plastics and its harmful effects on marine life.



On account of the ‘World Environment Day 2023,’ the Paryavarana Club of SJIHMCT is organizing a webinar on ‘Solutions to Plastic Pollution.’ Mr. Brian Verghese will be the key speaker for the session.

‘Eco-Quiz 2023’ is an online quiz competition initiated by the Paryavarana Club of SJIHMCT on account of World Environment Day 2023. The quiz is open to +2 students, degree students, industry professionals and faculty members

The Connoisseur Club

The Connoisseur Club with the tagline ‘Gourmets Rendezvous’ is meant for the budding chefs of the BHM programme, to hone their skills in Food Production department. The club also has a blog, aim of which is to inculcate the young aspirants, an ability to research and share knowledge at different levels of the food production repertoire. ‘The Gourmet’ is the newsletter of the club.

Oficina Frontal- Front Office Club

Focus on the enrichment of students knowledge about the industry and to make them smart to deal with different situations in the industry. We give opportunity to excel in English communication by various means like Quizzes on current topics, Situation handling, Elocutions, Extempore speeches, Debates, Presentations, Best Manager competition, Product launch, Marketing challenges, Itinerary planning and so forth. Our ultimate aim is to make our students confident & smart to face interviews.

Esperanza :The Housekeeping Club

The mission of this club is to achieve total quality performance by providing superior quality education that consistently meet and exceed the expectations of hospitality industry. ‘Magnifico’ the towel art exhibition, ‘Blossom’ the flower arrangement competition, ‘Trash to Treasure’ the art from everyday material is conducted yearly by the club.

AGAPE: Social Activities

Social Activities: ‘Charity begins at home’, ‘AGAPE’- the highest form of love, charity – is the social welfare activity club of the institute. The activities include, food service, supply of essential raw material to the underprivileged etc. We have tied up with the NGO, ‘Indian Association for the Blind’. 


SJIHMCT- Palai – is an Institutional member of the National Digital Library of India

Literary Club

The mission of the club is to motivate the students to speak in English. Educating each student about the importance of the English language and its need in the hotel industry and to ensure each student conversant in English before he/she enters into third year. Each member of the club guides and prepares himself/herself in the proficiency of English language and thereby attains global standard. 

The Literary Club organizes various cultural activities; Art’s Day
(M.A.D- Music, Art & Dance) is conducted annually. The college magazine ‘Luscious
– flavours of hospitality’ is published annually on the Art’s day.

The Photography Club

The photography club of the college, encourages the photography and videography skills of the students. The students have created and published three short films, as well as academic videos and fitness videos in Youtube.

Tourism Club

Tourism Club – Explore, Learn, and Compete

   The SJIHMCT Tourism Club is your window to a world of exploration, education, and friendly competition.

What We Do:

  • Seminars: Immerse yourself in insightful seminars conducted by industry experts. Expand your knowledge on various aspects of travel and tourism.

  • Competitions: Challenge yourself with exciting competitions:

  • Travelogue Competition: Share your travel stories in a captivating narrative.

  • Quiz Competitions: Test your travel knowledge and win prizes.

  • Webinars: Join our webinars led by seasoned travelers and professionals. Gain insights into travel planning, budgeting, and responsible tourism practices.


SJIHMCT Tourism Club’s Travelogue Competition – September 25, 2023

The SJIHMCT Tourism Club is thrilled to announce the successful conduct of the Travelogue Competition on September 25, 2023.

About the Event: The Travelogue Competition is an annual celebration of the art of storytelling through travel experiences. It offers a platform for our budding travellers to share their adventures and inspire others through the power of narrative.

World Tourism Day Quiz Competition 2023

On the occasion of World Tourism Day, observed on September 26, 2023, the SJIHMCT Tourism Club proudly conducted a captivating Quiz Competition.

About the Event: World Tourism Day is a global observance that highlights the importance of tourism and its social, cultural, economic, and environmental impacts. As passionate advocates for travel and responsible tourism, the SJIHMCT Tourism Club organized this special Quiz Competition.


World Tourism Day 2023 Celebration

To mark World Tourism Day 2023, SJIHMCT’s Tourism Club organized a webinar titled “Tourism and Green Investments” via Google Meet on September 27, 2023, at 3:00 PM. The webinar featured Mr. Premkrishnan IAS, Additional Director-General of the Department of Tourism, Government of Kerala, who discussed the importance and challenges of green investments in the tourism industry.


The Tourism Club of SJIHMCT organized a Pencil Drawing Competition on National Tourism Day, January 25, 2024. The event aimed to celebrate the beauty of tourism destinations through art. Participants showcased their talent and creativity, depicting various tourist spots with intricate pencil strokes.

The Fitness Club

The fitness club in SJIHMCT college provides students with a dedicated space for physical exercise and well-being. It promotes physical health, reduces stress, and offers skill development opportunities.

SJIHMCT celebrated World Yoga Day at the college seminar hall with great enthusiasm. The event was inaugurated by Mrs. Sreeja Ajith, a dedicated and talented trainer who serves as the Director of Swasthi School of Yoga. The SJIHMCT fitness club organized a special program for the day, showcasing various yoga activities and practices.

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