Quantity Training Kitchen (QTK)

Bulk cooking is practiced in QTK by the second year students. Island type kitchen lay out spread around 163 sq.mt provides an efficient flow of work. It is attached to the students’ cafeteria. Lunch prepared for students is dished out from here. Mobile tandoor, Oven, Bain Marie, Butchery chopping blocks, etc., are some of the equipment used in this laboratory.

Basic Training Kitchen (BTK)

Our basic training kitchen with 167 sq. mt.is well equipped with 16 work stations. Modern equipment and utensils are used to give training for the first year students in the field of cooking by steaming, boiling, baking, grilling, braising, microwaving, etc. Students are taught the basics of different types of cuttings like Julienne, Batonnet, Brunoise, Chopping, dicing, etc.

Advanced Training Kitchen (ATK)

In addition to the Basic Training Kitchen (BTK) we have a well-equipped Advanced Training Kitchen (ATK) with combi-oven  where students undergo specialization training in the field of Food & Beverage Production. There are sixteen work stations spread over 160 sq.mt, where students develop recipes and menus of international cuisines. Theme parties, continental buffets, barbeques, cold buffets, etc., are prepared here. Students acquire the knowledge of developing recipes and menus for all food operations using various types of ingredients and condiments. They also undergo training in setting up culinary goals and kitchen quality standards by utilizing the facilities in the ATK.

Bakery and Confectionery

A 09 kilo watt, 20 loaf capacity baking oven is used for the production of various bakery & confectionery items. There are ten work stations made out of granite slabs. Basics of bakery and confectionery products are taught along with different methods of mixing various doughs and batters. Items prepared are varieties of cakes, pastries, puffs, cookies, etc.

Advanced Training Restaurant

Students of seventh semester undergo their specialization training in Food and Beverage Service in the 42 cover 160 sq. mt modern restaurant. Students are taught the services of food and beverage for various outlets like speciality restaurants, coffee shops, room service, bar and banquets. A fully equipped teakwood bar which is the first in South India, makes the students learn the basics of the art of bartending. Students are allowed to make mock tails and different types of cocktails. Final year students are given training in gueridon service, carving various types of food items in front of guests, presentation of wine lists, service of wines, opening and presentation of champagne bottles, etc.

Basic Training Restaurant

Food & Beverage Service department is equipped with two  Basic Training Restaurants of 100 sq.mt each  for training newcomers. First year students are given professional training in the art of service of Food and Beverage in this restaurant.

House keeping

The Institute’s Housekeeping lab is equipped with contemporary and homely guest rooms, state of the art laundry and linen room, florist and polishing room, etc. It is equipped to handle a 30 room hotel.

Front Office

The front office training lab is meant for training students in all operational aspects of the front office. This includes room reservation, registration, guest relation, telephones, cashiering, guest accounting, revenue management, etc. The Institute has installed latest software for giving training in computerized front office operations with all the required facilities.

Computer Lab

The computer lab is well equipped with the latest systems loaded with advanced software. Students can make use of the opportunity to update themselves with the latest trend in the industry. The students are divided into batches and are allotted individual time to work on the computer. Extra time is offered usually at lunch break. Our campus has Wi-Fi enabled. It has 49 Pentium IV computers with a full suite of software, all with internet facilities and access to printers.