Semester Subjects
Semester I Basics of Food Production – I
Basics of Food & Beverage Service – I
Basics of Front Office
Basics of Housekeeping
Basics of Management Principles
Business English
Semester II Basics of Food Production – II
Basics of Food & Beverage Service – II
Application of Computers
Basics of Financial Accounting
Food Science and Nutrition
Basic French
Semester III Food Production Operations – I
Food & Beverage Service Operations – I
Front Office Operations – I
Housekeeping Operations -I
Financial Management
Travel and Tourism
Semester IV Food Production Operations – II
Food & Beverage Service Operations – II
Human Resource Management
Hospitality Marketing
Environmental Issues
Hotel Engineering
Semester V Advanced Food Production – I
Advanced Food & Beverage Service – I
Front Office Operations – II
Housekeeping Operations – II
Research Project: Design & Methodology
Organizational Behavior
Semester VI Basics of Food Production – II
Industrial Exposure training and Project Report
(Training 20 weeks and 4 weeks to prepare a draft
And submission of final report)
Semester VII Advanced Food Production – II
Advanced Food & Beverage Service – II
Front Office Management
Housekeeping Management
Business Law
Food Safety & Quality Control
Semester VIII Food & Beverage Controls & Management
Travel & Tourism Management
Personality Development
Entrepreneurship Development
Hospitality Research Project
Elective I/II