Dr. Sheri Kurian
Dr. Sheri KurianPrincipal
Graduate in Commerce specialized in Hospitality services and Tourism, Trained in Swiss Hospitality services, Postgraduate in Tourism Administration, PhD in Business Administration.
Email: dr.kurian@sjihmct.ac.in
Email: principal@sjihmct.ac.in
Phone: +91 9980222744, 9019898150
Ms. Shyla Mathew
Ms. Shyla MathewHead of the Department
Qualification: B.Sc., DHMCT
Email: shyla@sjihmct.ac.in
Phone: +91 9495381521
Mr. Seby P Mathews
Mr. Seby P MathewsAssistant Professor
Qualification: B.Sc., DHMCT
Email: seby@sjihmct.ac.in
Phone: +91 9447599298
Mr. Sujith Mathew George
Mr. Sujith Mathew GeorgeAssistant Professor
Qualification: MBA, BHM
Email: sujith@sjihmct.ac.in
Phone: +91 8289862878
Mr. Jibin K Mathew
Mr. Jibin K MathewAssistant Professor
Qualification: MBA, B Sc
Email: jibin@sjihmct.ac.in
Phone:+91 9895990676
Mr. Tilvin Sabu
Mr. Tilvin SabuAssistant Professor
Qualification:B.Sc.(H S)
Email: tilvin@sjihmct.ac.in
Phone:+91 7204658231
Ms. Regy Joseph
Ms. Regy JosephAssistant Professor
Qualification: MBA, BHM
Email: regy@sjihmct.ac.in
Phone: 04822-239508
Mr. Varghese Johnson
Mr. Varghese JohnsonAssistant Professor
Qualification: MHRM, M.Sc.(HM), MTM, BHM
Email: varghese@sjihmct.ac.in
Phone: +91 7411775152
Mr. Atul Vijay P
Mr. Atul Vijay PAssistant Professor
Qualification: MBA, BHM
Email: atul@sjihmct.ac.in
Phone: +91 9980153838
Ms. Dona Babu
Ms. Dona BabuAssistant Professor
Qualification: MBA, B.Tech
Email: dona@sjihmct.ac.in
Phone:+91 9495188990
Ms. Dalmia V Jose
Ms. Dalmia V JoseLecturer
Qualification: BHM
Email: dalmia@sjihmct.ac.in
Phone:+91 9446314423
Mr. Sebastian Thomas
Mr. Sebastian ThomasAssistant Professor
Qualification: M.Com
Email: sebastian@sjihmct.ac.in
Phone: +91 9497321703
Mr. Felix Kuruvilla
Mr. Felix KuruvillaAssistant Professor
Qualification: DHMCT
Email: felix@sjihmct.ac.in
Phone: +91 8281563429
Mr. Jojan Thomas
Mr. Jojan ThomasAssistant Professor
Qualification: M.Sc.THM, BHM, AH&LA
Email: jojan@sjihmct.ac.in
Phone: +91 9048102777
Mr. Jerin James
Mr. Jerin James Assistant Professor
Qualification: BHM, MMH
Email: jerin@sjihmct.ac.in
Phone:+91 6282647630
Ms. Rakhy Raju
Ms. Rakhy RajuLecturer
Qualification: BHM
Email: rakhy@sjihmct.ac.in
Phone:+91 8281757306