Literary Club

The mission of the club is to motivate the students to speak in English. Educating each student about the importance of the English language and it’s need in the hotel industry and to ensure each student conversant in English before he/she enters into third year. Each member of the club guides and prepares himself/herself in the proficiency of English language and thereby attains global standard.

Eco Club

The aim of the eco club is to preserve and safeguard the environment and create awareness among students of the importance of nature and our environment, and to make each student member responsible towards the environment. The activities include: help and maintain the flower gardens of the institute, set up a herb garden in the campus, conduct awareness programmes on various issues related to the environment and, celebrate an environment day in the campus.

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The Connoisseur Club

The connoisseur club is meant for the budding chefs of the BHM programme, to horn their skills in food production department. Our newsletter “The Gourmet”, aims to inculcate the young aspirants, an ability to research and share knowledge at different levels of the food production repertoire.

Fitness Club

The aim of this fitness  club is to create awareness about the health benefits of exercise among the students. We have a multi-gym with an instructor to train the students. It operates every working day at 04.30 p.m. to 06.00 p.m. The fitness club organizes various kinds of gym competition every year.

Photography Club

The mission of this club is recording and editing all activities at SJIHMCT in a professional manner. The activities include covering all formal/informal events of the college, support the college magazine with visual inputs, organize annual photo exhibition, provide informative and learning related support for students, display latest news and events on the notice board and upload and update the college website and other social media.



Each one of these clubs takes initiative to organize a seminar. These seminars and workshops are aimed at sharpening the student’s minds and empowering them to action. Keeping in mind the importance of English language and its use in the industry, we have taken the expertise of professional IELTS trainers who conduct weekly classes and workshops to inculcate and introduce impeccable language skills in our students

Social Activities

‘Charity begins at home’. Accordingly, we have formed an organization called “AGAPE’ in the Institute with the students as its members. This group is committed to the social welfare of the surrounding areas. The AGAPE group looks after the wellbeing of poor people in and around the institute.

Le Sommelier Club

‘Le Sommelier Club’ with the tag line ‘vita vinum est’ focuses on empowering the aspiring F&B professionals. The club organizes various events and competitions which enable the club members to acquire sound knowledge in the field of F&B and boosts positive characteristic traits such as self-esteem, confidence, team spirit, discipline  etc.’The Tastevin’ is the monthly newsletter of the club.

The Housekeeping Club

“We dream of having a clean place but who dream of actually doing the cleaning”. The mission of our club ESPERANZA is to achieve total quality performance by providing superior quality education that consistently meet and exceed the expectations of hospitality industry. Implementing our approach to quality requires the full commitment of our team and its success is our shared responsibility. The objective of the club is to build and improve the level of knowledge of the students. Various activities are conducted under the guidance of the club to bring out the hidden potentials of the students.

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